You decide to turn right and take the fire road...

"It's the best thing," you think to yourself, "I'll find help faster and maybe even come out to a main road."  The fire road has no signs, no power lines, and although it's dry and difficult to tell, there seems to be no sign of anyone having traveled the road recently.
You suddenly break through into an opening and discover a cabin.  You dismount your bike and approach the cabin.  It does not appear that anyone is living there, but you think that it may be a great resource for some supplies.
You continue up the road for several miles. 
There are many water crossings and the road becomes less pronounced and turns into more of a two track.  The brush becomes fierce and overgrown.

And then you see them.  Miles and miles of marijuana plants.  You feel a sudden chill run up your spine and your hands feel sweaty under your gloves.
After about 25-30 minutes of riding, the two track seems to just sink away and almost end. 

Now in first gear, you roll gently forward into the brush.