You take the single track trail.
The trail is epic and the scenery is stunning.  "I may be lost in the woods," you think to yourself, "but I'm at least going to make the best of it!"
Parking your bike on the trail, you hike down the bank to the creek.  You fill your Camelback with water from the creek.
Wetting the cuff of your jersey, you dab the wound on your forehead, washing away the blood.
You emerge from thick, flowered bushes into another clear-cut area.
You are pretty confident this is the plant you saw on the TV show "Survivor."  By now you are starving and you need energy to be successful in your escape out of the woods.
The delicate grass is new and almost fluorescent.  As you rail through the trees you inhale deeply to take in the many scents of the deep woods.
Your stomach let's out a howl.  You grasp your belly with your hands and begin to fantasize about a giant In-N-Out burger with fries.  You make your way back up the bank to the bike and decide to try to find some food before dark or you run out of gas.
You get excited when you spot the Purple Plum Plant ahead.
The fragrance relaxes you and you loosen your grip to the bars and begin to have fun.  You take in the fresh scent of a nearby creek.
You pass through an open area with many dead trees.
It appears that someone was cutting and logging this area, which gives you some hope of finding your way out of the woods.

You inspect the plant and break off a sample.